Past Ragnarok Online is one of the ragnarok online private server in the world. Founded year 2019, by a group of passionate developers with a keen eye for balance and originality. Past Ragnarok Online is a free server that focuses on a classic Pre-Renewal play style. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you journey through Midgard! See the table below for more about our game mechanics.


Rates Base exp Job exp Quest exp Drop rate
100x 100x 100x 100x
Rates Base exp 100x
Job exp 100x
Quest exp 100x
Drop rate 100x
Max Level 255/150
Jobs/Classes No 3rd classes
Max Stats 255
Max ASPD 196
WoE Days Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Maintenance Day Monday every 2 weeks 14:00 Server time
Game and Host Following kRO latest content & updates!
Gepard 3.0 - Protection against bots, wpe, etc.
Multiple-clients: Enabled
DDoS Protection and Mitigation

Safety Guidelines

Account Name and Password
These two details are the core of everything for you, please keep them safe. Strongly not recommending giving the access to anyone, if you insists, make an alternative account to share.
Malicious Websites
Past Ragnarok Online only offers 1 domain name and that is, every other website address has nothing to do with us.
Malicious Programs
Becareful of what you are accepting, there are many virus programs and keyloggers that could be hidden inside an image, a zip or a document file.
GM Impersonation
Do not follow others instructions blindly, always double or even triple check their character nicks or appearance before making any decisions. Our GMs are easily reached!

Server Features

Custom Instance Dungeon

Gather your strongest allies and party up to take on these challenging and rewarding instance dungeons. Face off against new Boss monsters and test your team work. Includes Harabah, Orcs Memory Dungeon, Endless Tower and more!

Automated In-game Events

Our server prides itself in its eventfulness, having events every 30 minutes. Includes Dice event, Goblin Invasion, Treasure Hunt and more!

Mining & Forging System

Roam the numerous fields and dungeons that hide valuable mines. Use the minerals found on this mines to create powerful equipment, or sell them for a huge profit!

Flexible WoE Schedule

We have 3 different WoE times to accomodate players from different time zones. Each WoE time has 2 castles open, one with premium items enabled and one with them disabled. Castle Salary and Treasures have been boosted!

PvP Happy Hours

Enter a PvP arena with an average of 50~100 players competing against each other for a chance to earn exclusive items and to rank up their Elite Weapons. This event runs twice every day and offers a great opportunity to enjoy top of the line PvP activity.

Casino & Gambling Games

We have a casino with slot machines, roulette, headgear gambler, press your luck and more! The casino offers yet another way to earn zeny and valuable items!

Collectible Headgears

We have thousands of collectible headgears including over 800 custom ones that you might have never seen before. All of these can be acquired via different means on our server, such as quests, pvp, battlegrounds and more!

No Pay-To-Win

You can obtain all the items you need to compete without spending a cent! Earn end-game like items by joining PvP, Battlegrounds, completing quests or winning events. Zeny is a valuable currency in our server and can be used to purchase most items.